CJay Swany

With his meteoric rise in 2013 nothing short of extraordinary,CJay Swayne is leading the charge with his combination ofchilled out beats, mixed up with his driving houseundertones & a feel good electronic melody runningthroughout.Support is coming thick and fast from around the worldincluding BBC RADIO 1 & CAPITAL FM as well as supportfrom the worlds biggest djs including RICHIE HAWT IN,LUCIANO, ROGER SANCHEZ , MARK KNIGHT, GRANTNELSON to name just a few...Furthermore with releases forthcoming this year onSPINNIN, CONKRET E, MJUZ IEEK, SOUNDS OF JUAN,FORM AND FUNCT ION & MORE... 2013 is certainly a yearto keep an eye on the 26 year old...

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