Grammy nominated artist Chris James is the voice and artist you've heard in the clubs and on the radio featured in Deadmau5’s smash hit "The Veldt." Deadmau5 yet again has found another remarkable talent that will move and inspire people forever. Also the featured vocalist on Arty's 2013 hit "Together We Are" and Hot Mouth’s “Totally Worth It,” James is a voice that is quickly making its mark in music.James started writing music at a very young age. James picked up drums at the age of 10, moved on to singing and piano by the age of 14, started learning Pro Tools by the age of 16, and has been producing and singing ever since. 8 years later James started a band called The Years. Within a few months of being in the group, they started getting placements on MTV reality shows with their singles "Bones" and "My Love." James then left the band 7 months later to work on finding his own sound."I was heavily influenced by the 90's era. I pulled inspiration from artists like U2, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, The Smashing Pumpkins, Portishead, Massive Attack, NIN, Zero 7, Slowdive and The Deftones. I wanted to create something different, something people could identify quickly, but also wanted to write what made ME feel good inside."After writing and producing behind the scenes for numerous big pop artists over the years, James is now getting ready to release his first solo tracks and has been hitting the road to play shows for his rapidly growing fan base. Armed with the ability to sing live and DJ, James has already wowed crowds at venues such as Ruby Skye (SF), Social (Sac), Supperclub and Blok (LA), Voyuer & Wavehouse (SD), The Yost Theater (OC) and Push Ultra Lounge (Tampa). A perfect blend between the worlds of pop and electronic dance music, the music and voice of Chris James will soon impress themselves in the ears of listeners all over the world.

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