Criminal Vibes
Criminal Vibes
Producer, DJ's information
DeathN/A at N/A
RoleProducer, DJ
Years active2007-Current
LabelsLoudBit 145 Recovery House 94 Tiger Records 91 Club Session 58 Re:vibe Music 18 ClubSound 13 Roxy Records 12 LO:GO Recordings 12 Hypetraxx Records 11 Avangarde Records 11 Play This! Records 11 Deeperfect Records 10 Street King 10 Suka Back Cat 9 Vanity Records 7 Robbins Entertainment 6 Suka Records 6 Reflective Music 6 On Air 5 NoLabel 4 Futureaudio 4 Under Pressure Records 4 King Street Sounds 3 Le Mans Recordings 3 617 Records 3 Stealth Records 2 Doppelgaenger 2 Contrasena Records 2 Work Records (SPINNIN') 2 Gramma Rec. 2 Black Hole Recordings 1 Clubstar 1 Caballero Recordings 1 Tenor Recordings 1 Guajira Recordings 1 Catwalk Records 1 Le Bien Et Le Mal Recordings 1 Molto Recordings 1 Vendetta Records 1 Skint Records 1 LW Recordings 1 Exotic Refreshment 1 Hugh Recordings 1 Ministry of Sound (UK) 1 Soundofnow Music 1 NumberOneBeats Records 1 Dirty Noise Recordings 1 Tech You Very Much! 1 Achterdeck 1 City Noises 1 Sorted Beats 1
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After some successfull years in the world of PoP dance, Paul Jockey meets Angelo Paciotti, an young artistic producer. They create a new structure of production that will very soon give life to several new record plans, like "criminal vibes" in 2007 creates one that come out with the first single in electro house style "what you say". Released on the "No Label" label part of Sound4Group with Loud Bit and Deeperfect Records, the new song begins to be played in several italian and foreign clubs ones, and enters also in the playlist of lot international radio. A very elctronic bass wedge in dry and atonic noises, ipnotic synts ispired to that one of Robert Armani in "Ambulance"(1989)..these the winning papers that they have rendered this plan one trace of great effect on the track. for the end of 2008 moreover the escape of the single second of Criminal Vibes"Take It Easy"is previewed, that it traces the style electro house of the previous one, renewing itself in the metric ones and the sound, and that it boast the artistic collaboration of the Irish vocalis Kilian.This time, in the mix on "LoudBit Records" will be two versions an Original in great style electro and one fu**in' mix from the sound much more dub. As far as the future instead, other ready ideas in yard fro being developed for the next single signed naturally Criminal “Say I’m Gonna Be Your Boy” soon on Loud Bit Recors with the featuring of Luciana from Bodyrock …they are actually in tour in Russia and Ukraine where their version of “Pump It Up” has been huge , played on the most important radio station and clubs and have already performed at Off Bar in Yalta (Ukraina) TanzPol in Mitighi “Moscow” (Russia) Teatro in Tomsk (Siberia) Ganesh in Kemerovo (Siberia)Studio 41 in Sevastopol (Ukraina) Sorry Babushka - Moscow (Russia)…