Heather Bright, an American singer-songwriter has recently exploded into the EDM world. Her powerful voice and beautiful compositions make her one of the most sought after singers in all of dance music.Heather has sang on the following tracks:Porter Robinson (feat. Heather Bright) - Language - Beatport #1 Bingo Players (feat. Heather Bright) - "Don't Blame The Party" - Top 40 in the Netherlands and Radio Song of the Week Justin Michael (feat. Heather Bright) - "Trouble For Me" - Billboard Dance Charts "Hot Shot Debut" Zedd (feat. Heather Bright) - "Stars Come Out" - Beatport Top 10 / #1 Electro House Record Savoy & Heather Bright - "We Are The Sun" - Beatport Top 10 Dubstep.

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