Hellberg (Artist)

Growing up on the eclectic diet of hip hop, JonathanHellberg, also known as, Hellberg, transitioned into theHouse and Electronic scene when he was about 14 yearsold. Born and raised in Sweden, this 19-year-old prodigy hasbeen inspired by the sounds of Albin Meyers. Hellberg’sproductions have been garnering attention and praise fromrenowned producers like David Guetta, Matisse & Sadko,and Marcel Woods. ‘Hope’ feat. Brenton Mattheus, anoriginal track by Hellberg & Matt Prey was featured multipletimes on David Guetta’s Podcast, while his track ‘Guide MeHome’ ft. Charlotte Haining was highlighted on Matisse &Sadko’s podcast.2013 saw Hellberg release a handful of tracks on labelssuch as Interscope, Bass Monster, and Spinnin Records.‘Collide,’ and original piece with Deutgen and Splitbreedmade a breakthrough success for Hellberg’s career, hitting#30 on Beatport’s Progressive House Chart, and certainlycementing his place as one of House music’s rising stars.

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