Interstate (Producer Mike Burns and DJ Mark Lewis) first made a name for themselves back in 2005 when t heir breakt hrough t rack "I Found U" and "Remember Me"[Armada] took the dance world by storm charting #1 for several weeks in Europe. Since then their original productions and remixes have been licensed to over 80 trance music compilations around the world, including Paul Oakenfold’s Grammy nominated Creamfields album. They have released tracks on Armin Van Burren's label, Armada, Paul Van Dyks Label, Vandit and Paul Oakenfold's label Perfecto.Flash forward to 2011 and Burns and Lewis are back in the studio and making waves in Hollywood, having recently licensed their track "Love Freak" to a International Revlon commercial featuring Jessica Biel, and their latest single "Won't Forget" the The feature film "Freelancers" starring Robert Deniro and Forest Whitaker.Look out for a number of new club productions & remixes already in the works for release this

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