Owner/Mastering Engineer/Artist of Agara Music - With over 15 years experience under his belt, Travis MacDonald is no stranger to production and the art of DJing. He’s used his fascination with the physics of sound, technology, music theory and philosophy as a muse, prolifically immersing himself more and more in the realm of Electronic Music.Travis MacDonald stays true to his roots in the Underground by creating sets that play out more like stories, avoiding any type of commercialism. Seamlessly, he transforms a lounge atmosphere into a driving dance floor, leaving partygoers wanting more.Travis MacDonald also flexes his skills as a Mastering Engineer with an ever-growing client list, working daily for various labels and Producers in the Electronic and Non- Electronic music scene. His label, Agara Music, was born in November 2012 and boasts of catering to an avant-guard sound encompassing all genres from Electronica to Techno and all that lay in-between. Personally responsible for all details involved in running his label, MacDonald is especially driven to see Agara Music succeed by releasing high end, quality productions.Currently signed to various labels such as Wide Angle Recordings, Sound Avenue, Stellar Fountain, not to mention Agara Music, 2014 promises to be a big year with International bookings in the works, various regular radio shows, and a variety of Guest podcasts lined up. Despite having a fairly new moniker for his work, Travis MacDonald is sure to be a name to keep an ear open for.

Lee Muddy Baker

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