Producer of the titles "The Sense Of Life", "Push Me", "My Insolence," Lucas Reyes keeps on being in the Beatport top 100 and is quickly noticed by prestigious artists and labels. (Subliminal, Stealth, Housesession, Pool E Music, Juicy Music, Afrojack, Big World, Dr Kucho, Chris Montana, Da Fresh, and many others). Playlisted by Erick Morillo, Bob Sinclar, Antoine Clamaran, Carl Cox, David Vendetta, Syke'N'Sugastarr and ranked 5 times in 2011 top 20 of Beatport international site, but also in selected released from I TUNES, Lucas Reyes confirmed its legitimacy with an explosive remix for Kid Shakers on the label of Roger Sanchez (Stealth) Lucas goes from performance to performance around the world, never ceasing to meet on his way an passionate audience.

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