Mark Otten
Mark Otten is a trance producer., one of the leading websites in dance music, praises Mark Otten’s “implausible capacity”. World-famous dj Tiesto refers to Mark as “a great Dutch producer”. Alongside recent associations with dj’s Armin van Buuren (Armada) and Tiesto (BlackHole), Mark Otten has taken the international music industry by surprise.

Mark’s recent success has been no coincidence though. While most dance-producers start their careers as dj’s, Mark comes from a musician’s side. Both parents were involved in making music, which always meant plenty of instruments at hand as well as lots of positive stimulation. Born in The Netherlands in 1978, multi-instrumentalist Mark started out as a drummer and quickly expanded his interests to other more melodic instruments, such as percussion, (bass-) guitars and keyboards.

From an early age on Mark practiced and performed with various bands and workshops. House music captured his attention from the start and a synthesizer allowed him the chance to start recording songs. Soon after, he found new possibilities using the computer for producing and quickly became an expert in this field as well. His first break-through took place at a high-school gig where he was discovered by a Sony producer. This quickly lead to several early releases with a techno edge. He rapidly got ready to conquer the scene with his first love: melodic and emotional music, this time in the form of trance with a progressive drive. His creativity and talent were immediately noticed, as the internationally acclaimed dj Armin van Buuren started spinning his instant classic, ‘Mushroom Therapy’. Furthermore, ‘Mushroom Therapy’ was signed to Armin’s personal label, Armada's Armind imprint. And, as if this wasn’t enough, dj Tiesto’s label Black Hole became involved by releasing the massive ‘Inner Warmth’ under Mark's ‘Lightscape’ guise.

With new tracks constantly coming up in multiple successful projects, as well as new experiments in other genres, Mark Otten is one of the most prestigious and talented young European producers out there. His work can be heard on numerous compilations as well as collaborations with other artists. Top dj’s such as Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Above & Beyond, Blank & Jones and of course, Armin van Buuren and Tiesto have all supported Mark’s work. Albums containing his material have been released within the United States, Europe and from Africa to Australia. Be assured Mark Otten will be featuring more fantastic music.

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