Raised upon the dulcet tones of intergalactic space ships in the night sky, Tom Flynn was endeared to House music for a journey only few could imagine. The angels of House & Techno could not be more proud.A child of night life, he was raised on soul, funk & disco in a post Studio 54 debauchery that encompassed everything that was good about music.Since then, Tom has shared the love of music around the world at the most highly respected clubs such as Sankeys (ibiza), Verboten (New York), Smart Bar (Chicago), has been awarded the best breakthrough producer by Pete Tong and undertaken a weekly radio show that gathers thousands of listeners each week.In the studio, he has excited listeners ears with records on Mobilee & Circus, and has gained Essential New Tune accolades from Pete Tong.2013 Has seen Tom reguarly in the record boxes of Guy Gerber, Jamie Jones, Cassy, Richie Hawtin & Loco Dice to name a few.This child of night life looks for soul and a story in the music. It's not uncommon for Flynn to lose days on end in record shops in the strangest places on this planet, choosing to collect memories instead of loops.For now his journey is in it's infancy, until the gods of House and Techno recall him from this mission.

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